How to track the new pan card application?

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Aisha Bansal asked 3 months ago

Hi friend what is pan card and what are the important purpose for businessmen and normal person? Yesterday i am go to bank for opening my new account for receiving the scholarship amount from private institutions. But all new customers are given their pan card for new account. I need some of information and matters about the applying pan card in government portal address. I am getting some of sample post and applicant related information’s are stored in online. I have used the all related references for new applicant. I am applying with photo and required documents at online.
I have given ration card, Aadhaar card and some of other proofs. So please give me the perfect details about government verification. Some of websites are given options for applying new. But not able to registering. So only i have asked for the questions to you. I am given all details to you; can you help me for applying it? I have got more works for applying scholarship in my college. My father sign and their pan card are needed. What is the purpose of submitting pan card for all cash transactions? If any tax benefits are available for the users? I need some of points and sample pan card application. I have shared my mail id for all visitors. And also received more massages and reviews also.
You can share the good supporting ideas and needed points in online. How to check the status and how to check the tax amount available in pay to the government. Please share the required details and information here. I am getting some of normal and simple methods in online. But it is not applicable for me. And also I don’t know how to get application in online. I can get the sample pan card about my father. He is telling all related points to me. I am very happy to see you here. I am willing to get the offers in my pan card fee

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